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Cardio = HEART
Pulmonary = LUNGS
Resuscitate = REVIVE
Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation = Reviving the Heart and Lungs

Children Under 1
Check for Responsiveness:
Tap the infant gently and shout to see if she makes a noise or moves. If she doesn't respond, immediately send someone to call 911 (do NOT leave your infant to call 911 until you've performed CPR for at least two minutes).
Check for Breathing: Lay the baby on her back (if there's any chance the infant has a spinal injury, enlist two people to move the infant to prevent twisting her head or neck). With Baby on her back, lift up her chin with one hand while pushing down on her forehead with the other hand. Look, listen, and feel for breathing. Do this by placing your ear close to your baby's mouth and nose. Listen and feel for breath against your cheek while you watch her chest for any movement.
Perform Rescue Breathing: If you do not see, hear, or feel your baby breathing, you'll need to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. To do this, cover Baby's mouth and nose gently with your mouth (or you can cover just her nose and hold the mouth shut). Keep the infant's chin lifted and her head tilted back. Give two short breaths (each should take about a second and should make Baby's chest rise). Keep in mind that your baby doesn't need a lot of air -- just a mouthful.
Perfom CPR:
After you've performed two rescue breaths, check Baby for any response (look, listen, and feel for breathing). If she is still nonresponsive, begin chest compressions. To do this, place two fingers on your baby's breastbone, just below the nipples. Make sure not to press at the very end of the breastbone. While keeping one hand on your baby's forehead with her head slightly tilted back (to keep her airway open), give 30 chest compressions with your two fingers. Each time, let Baby's chest rise completely. Your compressions should be very fast and hard with no pauses. Count the compressions quickly ("1, , 3, 4, 5 ... 29, 30, off").
After finishing the 30 compressions, give your baby two more breaths and watch her chest -- it should rise as you puff air into her mouth.
Continue with CPR: 30 chest compressions followed by two breaths, repeating this pattern for about two minutes.
After two minutes of CPR, if your baby still doesn't have normal breath sounds, isn't coughing, and isn't moving, leave and dial 911. Then keep repeating CPR (30 compressions followed by two breaths) until the infant recovers or until help arrives.
If your baby recovers, place her in the recovery position: face down over your arm with her head slightly lower than her body. Support her head and neck with your hand, keeping the mouth and nose clear while you wait for help to arrive.

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